Hi! I'm Jillian...so glad you've stopped by :)

   I am a professional Makeup Artist based in Indianapolis. I have been in the industry for 11 years. My obsession with makeup started very young. My mom is a true southern women who was always put together. I can remember being a little girl and her curling my hair and patting her Clinique Dubonnet lipstick on my lips. I loved every minute of it...and was obsessed! I credit her to my start in makeup...Thanks mamma! I needed a job and she said "Darlin, you do a great job with your own makeup...why don't you go to the mall and see if you can get a job at a makeup counter?" I did and I got the job. 

  I had my start working for various large makeup companies and after about 4 years of that I worked my way into freelance work. ;) A girl has to start some where..lol.